Want to TRANSFORM your life? Create a life of peace, abundance, love and joy?


The only way you can move forward to create your BEST life 

is to know what your triggers, fears and beliefs are... 


Hi, I'm Maggie 
and my mission is to create
long lasting change in women's lives
that really makes an impact!

Maggie Chilton

BA (Hons),  Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Wellness Coach & Transformologist®

  • Certified Creatrix® Transformologist®

  • Author of the Personal Wellness Journal

  • Instructor at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

  • Founder of Maggie Chilton Creatrix® Transformologist®

I am on a mission to empower women to set themselves free to help them transition into a life that they are excited about. A life that they love, where they can grow into who they truly are and be free of the blocks, trauma and past events holding them back.


I am qualified in and utilise Transformology® to help you create lasting change. Creatrix® Transformology® is the only process that we know of in the world, that was designed SPECIFICALLY around Epigenetics that talks the language of the Female Unconscious to break long-lasting INTER-GENERATIONAL cycles.


The study of Transformology® is frequently recognised as the missing piece that our gender has been searching for.


It's a full body approach that results in guaranteed outcomes that align the Head, Heart and Gut simultaneously, breaking the bloodline cycle of inherited negative issues and beliefs like nothing else currently available for women.


The training provided at the Institute of Women International means that our facilitators are competent and confident in what all the elements that are required for long-lasting, profound, CYCLE-BREAKING transformation.


Say yes to you.


    It’s like psychology – but on steroids – for women. It’s formulated UNIQUELY for women’s minds. Psychology would be jealous of the results we get. We know women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so our process respectfully considers this.


    Creatrix® is developed based on the science of Epigenetics. Women are biologically wired differently to men. It's a fact. Our process works because it has been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development!


    Big claim, we know. But we’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under 1 hour using our method. Gone for good. It creates an immediate release with LONG-LASTING results. It's an that results in guaranteed outcomes that align the Head, Heart and Gut simultaneously, breaking the bloodline cycle of inherited negative issues and beliefs.


      This process affects the WHOLE of you and improves every area of your life. Creatrix® is specially designed for the female mind to help you realise the learnings you might otherwise wait your whole life to receive. The process means you can release past trauma without having to re-live it.


      No medication or remedies recommended. There is no substance that can truly fix deep-rooted internal problems. We simply facilitate the unique process – Creatrix® – that’s designed to bring to light a woman’s life ‘learnings’ so she can take a new lease on life and move forward with a fresh approach and no mental blockages.


      Both physically and emotionally. No talking about your problems other than to do a brief assessment prior to the process. No tears – except maybe tears of happiness after the process has been completed. It’s really so simple!

    Live a life by design.

    It's your life, you can take control

    Learn to say no, so you can say YES to YOU!


    Redefine your definition of success. Every woman is capable of achieving incredible things – but you can’t always do it alone.


    Over the past 10 years, women are feeling more and more anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction with their lives.

    From 2016-2017 the US saw its largest year over year drop in wellbeing (Gallop poll) Socially we are more isolated, we don’t openly talk about our issues, instead scroll social media which represents how life “should” look like.


    You can feel like your life is in pieces or you can be at peace with you life and create space to move forward, level up, take control and create the life both personally and professionally you desire.


    Create You Most Conscious Life Now - Let Me Show You How….
    You just need to say yes, to you… Take the next step and book in a Blockage Identifier Consultation call here


    The Personal Wellness Journal

    The Personal Wellness Journal is a powerful tool to support your overall health and weight loss journey. Small enough to fit into your purse or bag your journal can go everywhere with you.


    It helps you with timing, balance and specific wellness practices for a whole new mindset for a whole new life. Your journal includes:

    • 30 Day Quick Guide to maximize  results.
    • Meal tracking and timing over 30 days
    • Water tracking over 30 days
    • Mood tracking over 30 days
    • Daily Motivational Quotes
    • Daily manifestation practice
    • Daily physical activity tracking
    • Daily holistic wellness practice
    • 7 days reviews and celebrate your wins
    • To-do list prioritisation so nothing gets missed

    The Personal Wellness Journal is everything I needed to stay on track and motivated. I loved how beautifully designed it was and loved showing it off to friends.

    Ann N

    The perfect weight loss and life change companion! I take it everywhere with me and I didn't miss a day, it really helped get me through some tough days when I doubted I could do it.

    Penny C

    I found the journal so easy and helpful! There was everything I wanted in it, and nothing I didn't. This will be my go-to gift for friends from now on.

    Lisa M


    I love collaborating with likeminded women and organisations to discuss key areas of women's success, from podcasts to Summit's enabling women to
    level up their lives and step into their power.


    "From the moment you meet Maggie, you instantly feel comfortable, supported and like you can tell her anything. She is a great listener and gets to the very heart of an issue without needing to dwell there. 


    I love that in our work with Creatrix®, she found my biggest blocks and I didn't need to rehash the painful memories and then they were just gone. They literally disappeared in a single session! 


    When she read my prior issues back to me, I just laughed because I couldn’t even remember feeling that way!

    I am so beyond grateful to have found Maggie and this process. There’s literally nothing else like this out there and I have tried it all before. Creatrix® is instantaneous and you can deeply feel the changes right away. Honestly, it’s magical.


    Very highly recommended!!"



    Creatrix Client

    WOW! I can't believe the transformation I have had.


    I didn't fully believe that I could get rid of my limiting beliefs as I'd been carrying them around for so long but it happened!


    I am so grateful to you for helping stop my self sabotage, I feel incredibly libertated now.


    Creatrix cleint

    "I would recommend working with Maggie to achieve healthy and long lasting weight loss. Don’t be afraid of failing. You will learn how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and create potentially lifelong good habits.


    I feel happier and more confident now; more like myself. My husband frequently comments that I am noticeably happier and that he is proud of me. That feels great. I finished the 3 month program a month and a half ago and have stayed below my goal weight, including after a two week cruise where I gained less than a pound, thanks to the strategies I learned from Maggie.

    Maggie was great to work with. She is non-judgmental and knowledgeable. Maggie was able to answer all of my questions and picked up on details that may have negatively impacted my success on the program. If I was going out to a restaurant for dinner, Maggie supported me by checking out the menu of the restaurant I was going to and making suggestions for healthy options. She didn’t tell me what to order, but gave me choices and explained why they were good choices."


    Weightloss Coaching Client

    Blockage Identifier Consultation

    Do you want to TRANSFORM your life?

    Create a life of peace, abundance, love and joy?


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